Families Can Be Together Forever

Quilt Block Section

This section demonstrates my ability to use rowspan and colspans and merge cells in a
table to create a camera-shutter quilt block.


My Favorite Temples

I have created a table list of my favorite temples.
This demonstrate cell merging, table layout fixed, nth child, white-space normal vs nowrap, and over-flow hidden.

Temple Dedication Date Dedicated By Physical Address
Salt Lake City April 6, 1983 Wilford Woodruff 50 West North Temple Street Salt Lake City, UT 84150-0701 United States of America
London, England September 7, 1958 David O. Mckay West Park Road Newchapel Surrey RH7 6HW England londo-hos@ldschurch.org
Payson, Utah June 7, 2015 Henry B. Eyring 1494 South 930 WestPayson Utah United States
Stockholm, Sweden July 4, 1985 Gordon B. Hinckley Tempel gen 5SE-13742 V sterhaningeSweden
San Jose, Costra Rica May 20, 2000 James E. Faust Del Hotel Marriott, 600 Metros OesteLa Ribera de Belen40702 Heredia Costa Rica
Nauvoo, Illinois May 6, 2002 Gordon B. Hinckley 50 North Wells StreetNauvoo, Illinois United States of America
Detroit, Michigan October 24, 1999 Gordon B. Hinckley 37425 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills, Michigan United States of America
Anchorage, Alaska Feburary 8, 2004 Gordon B. Hinckley 13161 Brayton DriveAnchorage, Alaska United States of America
Bountiful, Utah January 14, 1995 Howard W. Hunter 640 South Bountiful BoulevardBountiful, UT 84010-1394United States of AmericaI-15 exit 316 (500 South)
Palmyra, New York April 6, 2000 Gordon B. Hinckley 2720 Temple Road Palmyra, New York United States of America

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